The terrace Suite

Only a return to the past enables you to get in to the most private part of the building… From the 19th. Century, you will find steps worn by the time in a 12th. Century original decor. Believe it or not, you are now having your breakfast or your nap over the Ward Room! Little story of the tower: In 1597, REMOULINS was a very little village and yet fortified, thanks to a rampart of good size and height. A visitor reports 100 houses intra-muros. A big tower is nested at one of the angles of this rampart. It is then named the “tour des Scarabasses » (nowadays “tour des Escaravats” or “beetles” tower) for the folowing reason: according to the local inhabitants, every year in the evening of the Saint John the Baptist, the cracks of the tower excrete so many crawling beetles that everything becomes black all around…Then they vanish immediately, in such a way that from the subsequent days onwards, nothing from this sudden event remains. So, people beleive that this species of animal is in fact a kind of diabolic ghost (hence, the “prophylactic” role of the Saint John the Baptist celebration!